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Saturday 21st September 2019

Talking Therapies Articles


Job advisers for mental health patients

10th November 2016

Employment advisers to be integrated into government's flagship talking therapy service.

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Mental health care 'underfunded'

15th February 2016

A review says mental health care is poor and is ruining lives.

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Market engagement launch aimed at mental health

8th February 2016

NHS Arden & Greater East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit is carrying out a market engagement exercise on behalf of NHS England.

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Talking therapies as effective as anti-depressants

9th December 2015

New research suggests for moderate to severe depression anti-depressants no more effective than counselling.

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Figures show psychological therapy outcomes vary vastly

25th November 2015

Official figures reveal psychological therapy outcomes vary more than threefold between CCGs across England.

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cCBT is ineffective

16th November 2015

A new study suggests computer-based CBT is ineffective as a treatment for depression.

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Concerns over IAPT raised

14th October 2015

Clinicians raise concerns over IAPT as merger drivers are set out by trusts.

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Is talk therapy beneficial for depression?

12th October 2015

FAQ regarding talk therapy and it's benefits for people suffering with depression.

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CBT for teens

2nd October 2015

Study says CBT benefits teens at risk of depression.

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CBT for perinatal depression

29th May 2015

Review shows CBT is effective at treating and preventing perinatal depression.

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