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Thursday 18th July 2019

Carbon Monoxide Articles


Storms could cause carbon monoxide poisonings to rise

9th April 2014

A new study finds carbon monoxide poisonings may rise during weather-related power outages.

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Reduce risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

19th November 2012

The HPA are advising people on reducing risk of carbon monoxide poisoning over the winter.

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Reducing carbon monoxide poisoning advice

23rd November 2011

The Health Protection Agency is advising people to have their fossil fuel and wood burning appliances checked before winter sets in.

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Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

22nd November 2011

4,000 people a year end up in A&E with carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Carbon monoxide could help malaria

10th May 2011

Research finds sickle-cell carriers can fend off malaria which could point to a treatment for the disease.

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Carbon monoxide poisoning figures higher than reported

18th April 2011

Research suggests many cases of carbon monoxide poisoning are missed as medical staff do not routinely test for it.

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