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Tuesday 28th February 2017

Stem Cells Articles


Stem cell match found for toddler

26th July 2016

After a two-year search, a match has been found for a toddler with 'one in almost nine million' blood disorder.

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Treatment can halt progression of MS

10th June 2016

Study suggests aggressive chemotherapy followed by a stem cell transplant can stop the progression of multiple sclerosis.

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Stem cell factory for diabetes being set up

20th October 2015

The NHS is setting up a stem cell factory for diabetes in Liverpool.

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Stem cell surgery could cure age-related blindness

29th September 2015

Surgeons carry out first embryonic stem cell surgery aimed at reversing vision loss.

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Parkinson's human trials 'a step closer'

7th November 2014

Scientists say stem cells can be used to heal damage in brain cause by Parkinson's.

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Cancer killing cells made in lab

24th October 2014

Stem cells have been turned into killing machines to fight brain cancer.

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Japanese stem cell scientist found dead

6th August 2014

Scientist involved in stem cell scandal is found dead in an apparent suicide.

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Breakthrough stem cell findings withdrawn

3rd July 2014

'Critical errors' in research sees one of the biggest stem cell 'breakthroughs' retracted by scientists in Japan.

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Breakthrough for blind people

11th June 2014

Retina grown from stem cells in lab could eventually treat patients with macular degeneration.

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Root canal laser treatment hope

29th May 2014

US researchers say lasers could one day be used to prevent root canal treatments.

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