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Saturday 26th May 2018

Transplant Articles


Heart transplant boy given second chance

25th May 2016

Two-year-old receives heart transplant after 14-month wait.

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HIV-infected organs successfully transplanted

6th May 2016

Two kidneys and two livers have been successfully transplanted into patients with HIV in the UK.

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Pancreas transplant world first

28th January 2016

Doctors say a British woman is first person in world to have a pancreas transplant because of a severe needle phobia.

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Womb transplants approved

30th September 2015

UK's first 10 womb transplants have been approved.

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Baby born from frozen ovary

10th June 2015

Doctors say woman in Belgium has given birth to a baby using a transplanted ovary frozen when she was a child.

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First skull and scalp transplant performed

4th June 2015

Doctors in the US say man has had skull and scalp transplant in 15-hour operation.

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Transplant helps paralysed man walk

21st October 2014

Cells used from paralysed Bulgarian man's nose help him walk again with frame.

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Keyhole kidney transplant a success

10th October 2014

First European keyhole kidney transplant carried out by surgeons at Royal Liverpool Hospital.

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Baby born after womb-transplant

6th October 2014

A baby boy has been born in Sweden using a transplanted womb in world first.

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Double hand transplant for Scottish woman

25th June 2014

Scottish woman to become the first person in the UK to have a double hand transplant after amputation following a blood infection.

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