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Saturday 18th November 2017

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder Articles


Doctors warn miscarriage can trigger PTSD

2nd November 2016

Doctors say women who have recently suffered a miscarriage are at risk of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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PTSD risk reduced by Tetris

8th July 2015

Scientists believe playing Tetris can reduce risk of post-traumatic stress disorder.

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PTSD rose 19% among British military

1st August 2014

Post-traumatic stress disorder among military personnel rose by a fifth last year.

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Traumatic brain injury linked to PTSD in marines

13th December 2013

A new study suggests marines who suffer a traumatic brain injury are more likley to suffer post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Young army recruits at higher risk of mental illness

30th October 2013

Report suggests soldiers who joined the army before they were 18 are more likely to suffer from PTSD.

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PTSD care must improve

16th July 2012

PTSD care for US military service members and veterans must improve.

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911 calls could cause PTSD

30th March 2012

A new study has found 911 dispatchers may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Flashing light treatment for military nurses

12th March 2012

Flashing light treatment used for nurse to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Blood pressure tablets to treat PTSD

6th March 2012

Researchers say blood pressure tablets could be used to treat PTSD related nightmares.

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Call for stress disorder help for soldiers

6th January 2012

More help needed for soliders with post traumatic stress disorder.

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