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Monday 1st May 2017

Ovarian Cancer Articles


Blood tests to spot ovarian cancer

28th February 2017

Doctors say a blood test every four months could help detect ovarian cancer early.

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Simplify ovarian cancer testing

13th July 2016

Study shows simplifying ovarian cancer testing can save lives.

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Women ignoring deadly symptoms

29th February 2016

Women are too busy and failing to go to the doctor with potentially life-threatening symptoms.

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Thousands of women carry ovarian cancer gene

19th January 2016

Thousands of women unknowingly carry the defective BRIP1 gene.

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Annual blood test could cut ovarian cancer deaths

18th December 2015

Ovarian cancer deaths could be cut by a fifth with an annual blood test say doctors.

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Accurate test needed for ovarian cancer

28th April 2015

Innovative work being done to combat ovarian cancer which is often symptomless until it's too late.

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Raised risk of ovarian cancer from HRT

13th February 2015

A study shows an increased risk of ovarian cancer from hormone replacement therapy.

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Avastin approved in US for ovarian cancer

17th November 2014

US regulator has approved Roche's Avastin drug as treatment for ovarian cancer.

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New test to identify ovarian cancer

16th October 2014

Scientists claim they have a new test to help doctors identify ovarian cancer more accurately.

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Cancer sufferers are living longer than they were in the 1970s

29th April 2014

Half of cancer sufferers in England and Wales have life-expectancies of ten years or more.

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