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Saturday 20th July 2019

Fukushima Articles


Radioactive fish still being caught near Fukushima

15th January 2014

Nearly three years after earthquake and subsequent tsunami, radioactive fish are still being caught.

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Fukushima radiation detected in US

30th May 2012

Radiation been discovered in the seafood chain off the coast of America.

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Japan nuclear accident effects unknown

22nd November 2011

Many Japanese say they don't trust government advice on radiation, and are taking testing into their own hands.

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Radioactive iodine detected in Europe

15th November 2011

Experts say the Fukushima nuclear plant is unlikely to be the source.

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Japanese smartphone to measure radiation

27th September 2011

Japan's mobile phone giant reveals plans for a smartphone that can measure radiation.

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Japan to test rice for radiation

2nd August 2011

Authorities near the Fukushima nuclear power plant are concerned about caesium levels in local crops.

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Children to get radiation counters

14th June 2011

Japanese authorities in cities near the embattled Fukushima nuclear plant are handing out devices to measure the exposure to schoolchildren.

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