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Sunday 27th May 2018

Knee Replacement Articles


NICE surgery restrictions guidance breached by CCGs

10th April 2017

CCGs across England are using unproven scoring tools to restrict access to hip and knee surgery.

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NHS waiting times will rise

31st March 2017

Simon Stevens says NHS patients in England will face longer waits for operations.

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Exercise effective for knee damage

21st July 2016

Study claims exercise could be just as effective as surgery for knee damage.

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Smoking linked to hip and knee replacement failure

18th April 2012

Studies find hip and knee replacement failure is associated with smoking.

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Evidence needed for total knee replacements

6th March 2012

Researchers say more evidence is needed on the long-term safety of total knee replacements.

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Rise in 'younger' knee replacements

18th January 2012

Figures show a big rise in knee replacement operations especially in younger patients.

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New drug to prevent blood clots

30th November 2011

Patients who undergo hip and knee surgery may now receive a new drug to prevent blood clots.

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Limb artifically regrown

28th September 2011

Hampshire woman has part of limb regrown and put back in her body.

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'Low priority' for hip and knee surgery

20th July 2011

Research suggests an increasing number of health authorities are rating hip and knee replacements as a 'low priority'.

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Bursitis linked to painful joints

9th June 2011

Experts say painful hips, knees, heels or elbows could be due to bursitis.

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