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Tuesday 17th September 2019

Doctors Articles


Practices wait over a year to fill posts

5th December 2016

Survey results show almost a third of GP practices in England unable to fill GP vacancies for a year.

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Doctors' receptionists 'putting people off'

11th October 2016

A survey suggests receptionists quizzing patients could be putting some sick people off visiting the surgery.

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NHS doctors to declare private work income

20th September 2016

Plans to boost transparency will see NHS doctors in England made to declare their income from private work.

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Doctor made £375,000 in overtime last year

27th July 2016

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act finds NHS consultant made £375,000 on top of their salary.

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Night staff should be allowed to rest

18th July 2016

The CQC says doctors and nurses on night shifts should be allowed to rest at night to ensure safety.

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Too few doctors to run 7-day NHS

16th March 2016

A leading doctor says there are not enough doctors to run a seven-day NHS in England.

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NHS hospitals breach new limits on agency workers

19th February 2016

Figures show nine in 10 NHS hospitals breach new rules on pay for agency doctors and nurses.

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Patients should be reported if danger behind wheel

25th November 2015

Doctors instructed to inform DVLA if they believe patients are a danger behind the wheel says the GMC.

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A third of doctors leave NHS to work abroad

23rd September 2015

Senior doctor says a third of NHS A&E doctors have fled abroad in the past five years.

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One in five GP trainee places unfilled

17th August 2015

Latest figures show one in five GP trainee places in England remain unfilled, adding up to more than 600 vacancies.

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