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Thursday 24th May 2018

Fit For Work Articles


Sick note culture to be stamped out

19th February 2015

In a bid to stamp out sick note culture anyone ill for more than four weeks will face a fit-for-work test.

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People 'fit-to-work' living on benefits

25th April 2013

Are a million people who are 'fit-to-work' living on benefits?

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Weaknesses found in 'fit-to-work' contract

17th August 2012

Medical assessments are performed to assess whether people qualify for benefits or are fit to work.

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Have people died after being found 'fit for work'?

13th April 2012

The Mail published a blog suggesting the government's Work Capability Assessments (WCA) was failing to spot disabilities.

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Benefits appeals costing £50m a year

27th July 2011

Benefits assessments determine whether a person is 'fit for work'.

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Work Programme provides tailored support as latest figures show people are being found fit for work

27th July 2011

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