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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Medical Schools Articles


Psychology should be offered at medical schools

5th May 2017

Medical schools are urged to promote psychology.

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25% rise in medical school places

4th October 2016

Jeremy Hunt to announce expansion in doctor training places.

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Medical schools should help poorer pupils

13th November 2014

Guidance issued telling medical schools to help poorer students with applications.

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Patients 'not being told benefits of exercise'

30th July 2012

Lack of teaching in medical schools is leading to patients not being told how exercise can help chronic disease.

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Women doctors will soon outnumber men

30th November 2011

Experts say number of women in medical school go up ten-fold.

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NHS news 24/12/09

6th January 2010

A round up of NHS news up to Christmas 2009.

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Medical school access is not widening

16th December 2009

A report by doctors says government attempts to widen access to medical school is not working.

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Austrian medical school dilemma

15th February 2007

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Work permit required for doctors

7th March 2006

From July international doctors will require a work permit for the UK

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