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Thursday 27th April 2017

Dna Articles


How to eliminate bed bugs

4th February 2016

Scientists to scan DNA of bed bugs to try and eliminate the pest.

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Scientists explain 'healthy' smokers lungs

28th September 2015

UK scientists explain how some smokers can have healthy lungs despite a lifetime of smoking.

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Embryos' DNA should not be modified

1st May 2015

A leading figure in US research says modifying the DNA of embryos should not be funded.

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Could polar bears hold key to solving obesity crisis?

9th May 2014

Understanding a polar bear's DNA could help the fight against obesity.

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UK scientists manipulate DNA to regenerate living organ

8th April 2014

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have regenerated an elderly organ in a living animal for the first time.

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DNA test for prostate cancer

21st February 2014

Scientists say DNA testing can predict which men are at high risk of prostate cancer.

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Oldest human DNA found in leg bone

5th December 2013

400,000 year old human thigh bone found in Spain.

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Volunteer DNA hunt begins

7th November 2013

Scientists looking for 100,000 volunteers to have their DNA sequenced and published online.

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DNA study insight into Alzheimer's

28th October 2013

Largest ever analysis of patients' DNA has given a clearer picture of what causes Alzheimer's.

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Three person IVF warning

20th September 2013

Researchers have raised concerns about the safety of three person IVF.

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