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Friday 23rd August 2019

Chemical Articles


Bottled water contains over 24,000 chemicals

19th September 2013

New study out of Germany found thousands of chemicals leeching from plastic products.

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New chair appointed to COM

20th November 2012

Dr David Lovell has been appointed as the new chair of the Committee on Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food.

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Cannabis chemical to be tested in epilepsy

13th September 2012

A British drug company is to test compound found in cannabis as a treatment for epilespy.

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Warning issued over liquitabs

6th September 2012

Warning issued after doctors treat some children for near fatal injuries after biting or squeezing liquitabs.

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Gender-bending chemical found in tin cans

17th August 2012

Research suggests chemical 'can cause fatal clogging of arteries'.

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Chemical in red wine can be used for new treatments

3rd February 2012

Scientists discover how a chemical in red wine keeps us healthly.

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Canned soup a 'chemical risk'

24th November 2011

Scientists say people should be aware of chemical used to line the tin of canned soup.

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Shark chemical could fight human viruses

20th September 2011

Scientists say a chemical found in the dogfish shark could be used to treat viruses.

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Trapped people located by chemicals in breath

14th September 2011

Scientists report chemicals in breath can help easily locate people trapped in a collapsed building.

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Chemical risk warning to nail salon workers

19th May 2011

Groups renew call for tougher federal regulation of salon products.

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