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Friday 23rd August 2019

Chemical Articles


Butter contains flame retardant

8th December 2010

Researchers say they have found extremely high levels of flame retardant in a sample of butter.

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Non-stick pans linked to cholesterol

7th September 2010

Chemicals used in non-stick pans could increase risk of high cholesterol in children, but further research needed.

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Lucozade to lose orange colour after hyperactivity warning

8th March 2010

Research has discovered Lucozade's distinctive colouring could be linked to children's hyperactivity.

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Warning over eye damage from detergent capsules

3rd March 2010

Parents are being warned about detergent capsules after a surge in children with chemical eye injuries.

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Allergic to wine? Blame insects

15th August 2007

Research shows some allergic reactions to wine comes from insect chemicals.

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Face creams' chemicals 'safe'

25th July 2007

A spokesmen for the British Skin Foundation has said chemicals in face cream do no harm.

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Chemicals new tests needed

13th July 2007

A new study suggests thousands of chemicals should be re-assessed for possible toxicity.

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