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Saturday 20th July 2019

Soft Drinks Articles


Tesco commit to reduce sugar in soft drinks

22nd May 2015

Action on Sugar welcome Tesco's decision to reduce added sugars in their own-label soft drinks.

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Vow to cut sugar in food

9th January 2014

Acting on Sugar group set up to tackle added sugar in food and soft drinks in effort to tackle obesity in the UK.

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Soft drink sugar tax called for

29th January 2013

Call for 20p-per-litre levy on soft drinks in this year's Budget.

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Leading soft drink brands to lower sugar and calorie content

23rd January 2013

Lucozade, Ribena and J20 are among the latest brands to sign up to the Responsibility Deal’s calorie reduction pledge.

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Call for cola colouring ban

6th March 2012

A consumer group says the chemical caramel colouring in popular cola brands causes cancer in laboratory tests on animals.

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'Fruit' drinks high in sugar, online hype

31st October 2011

Fruit-flavoured drinks may look like a healthier option but they are no better nutritionally than a non-diet cola, a study shows.

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