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Thursday 22nd August 2019

Urinary Tract Infections Articles


Cranberries don't help against UTIs

17th October 2012

Research suggests cranberry juice may do little to prevent urinary tract infections.

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Cranberries may help fight UTIs

12th September 2012

Research suggests cranberries may help treat urinary tract infections in women.

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Is chicken the cause of UTIs?

21st March 2012

Scientists believe urinary tract infections in women are caused by chickens.

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How to prevent UTIs in women

29th February 2012

Three ways to prevent urinary tract infections and stop any reccurence.

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Doctors give out too many antibiotics

17th January 2012

US doctors are found to give unnecessary antibiotics to people for small amounts of urinary bacteria.

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Pelvic floor control helped by biofeedback

8th November 2011

Children with urinary problems benefit from an animated computer programme, according to Iranian researchers.

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