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Thursday 26th April 2018

3d Articles


'Living' body parts printed in 3D

17th February 2016

Scientists say custom-made, living body parts have been 3D printed.

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4D printing in healthcare

1st October 2014

Could 4D printing be on its way for healthcare?

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3D printing used to reconstruct face

13th January 2014

Team of surgeons at Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Board use 3D printing to reconstruct a patient's face.

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3D training for dental students

7th June 2013

NHS Education for Scotland has commissioned new 3D visualisation software.

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New 3D cardiac imaging released by Philips

28th January 2013

EP Navigator is the new equipment released by Philips globally last week.

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3D imaging launched by Siemens

4th December 2012

Siemens has launched the latest version of its 3D imaging software.

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3D wound imaging developed

27th November 2012

Scientists at Oxford have developed a 3D technology tool to treat wounds more efficiently.

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3D viewing won't trigger epilepsy

6th December 2011

Everyone runs a slight risk of seizure, nausea and headaches when watching 3D TV.

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