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Sunday 27th May 2018

Systmone Articles


TPP for mental health at Solent NHS Trust

11th March 2015

Solent NHS Trust has chosen TPP's SystmOne to replace RiO in its mental health services.

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MIG contract for TPP

13th August 2013

TPP sign contract to share SystmOne data via MIG.

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SystmOne switch started in West London

1st August 2013

Hammersmith and Fulham GPs have started switch to SystmOne.

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Harris portal to flag children 'at risk'

17th June 2013

Pilot of Harris portal at Central Eastern Commissioning Support Unit to allow GPs to see information about children deemed 'at risk'.

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SystmOne practices receive 111 messages

1st May 2013

GP practices made aware that their patient has dialled 111 via a task into SystmOne.

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SystmOne EPR for Airedale

20th September 2012

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust is deploying SystmOne EPR.

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TPP launch Blackberry application

31st May 2012

Blackberry application and Android app launched to allow clinicians using SystmOne to access patient records anywhere.

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SCR viewer switched on at TPP

8th December 2011

SCR viewer allows SystmOne users to view summary care record of any patient who has summary record on the NHS Spine.

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