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Wednesday 24th July 2019

Syria Articles


'Polio' risk from Europe

8th November 2013

Disease experts say Europe could be at risk from polio following outbreak in Syria.

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Syria disease threat warns WHO

5th June 2013

WHO warns of increased risk of disease epidemics in Syria as summer approaches.

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Typhoid outbreak in Syria

20th February 2013

Typhoid has broken out in Syria due to contaminated water in the region.

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Doctors smuggled in for secret hospital

29th May 2012

A group of UK-based Syrian doctors is helping to run secret hospitals inside the country amid continuing attacks on opposition supporters.

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UN backs Syrian hospital torture claims

6th March 2012

The United Nations says video and testimony given to its investigators largely support recent Channel 4 video showing tortured Syrian patients.

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Wounded Syrians walk to Lebanon

20th December 2011

Syrians wounded in their country's internal conflict are having their access to emergency medical care blocked by government agents.

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