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Thursday 8th December 2016

Air Pollution Articles


Councils urged to redesign speed bumps

1st December 2016

Health experts say local authorities should think about redesigning speed bumps and lowering speed limits to reduce air pollution.

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Air pollution leading factor for stroke

13th June 2016

A study finds air pollution is a leading risk for stroke worldwide.

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Benefits of walking and cycling outweigh negative effects of air pollution

6th May 2016

Results are even positive in cities such as Delhi and London, which have high levels of air pollution.

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Air pollution linked to early deaths

23rd February 2016

Research shows air pollution is contributing to about 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK.

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Public health crisis from air pollution

8th December 2014

Report says air pollution causes as many deaths as smoking.

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Irregular heartbeat and lung clotting linked with air pollution

5th June 2014

The risk of developing an irregular heartbeat and blood clots in the lung is increased with greater air pollution.

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High levels of air pollution to spread

2nd April 2014

The government has said high levels of air pollution recorded in eastern England and the Midlands will spread.

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Millions killed by air pollution in 2012

26th March 2014

The WHO has estimated seven million people died globally as a result of air pollution in 2012.

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WHO says air pollution causes cancer

18th October 2013

WHO have listed air pollution as a leading cause of lung cancer.

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Air pollution harming people with weak hearts

10th July 2013

Study reveals air pollution is harmful for those with failing hearts.

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