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Wednesday 20th June 2018

Waste Articles


Doctors have 'ethical duty' to prevent NHS waste

6th November 2014

Reports says doctors have an ethical duty to prevent NHS waste, including better use of medication.

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Do we really waste half our food?

11th January 2013

Some news outlets have reported that between a third and half of the world's food production ends up as waste, but where do these figures come from?

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Clinical waste investigation at Essex hospital

21st September 2012

Basildon Hospital investigated over clinical waste being sent to recycling centre.

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NICE advice could cut medicine wastage

9th August 2011

Medicine wastage is costing the NHS £300 billion a year.

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Hospital in Scotland to use robot workers

18th June 2010

Forth Valley Royal Hospital testing use of robots to do day-to-day tasks.

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£1bn saving possible

5th January 2007

Think tank say 13,000 hospital beds wasted each year.

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NHS wastes £2bn a year

25th October 2006

Unnecessary surgery and treatment is costing millions.

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Wasted on healthcare

11th March 2006

Just how much of taxpayers money is spent on wasteful healthcare schemes?

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