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Wednesday 1st April 2015

Allergies Articles


Peanut study could lead to cure for other allergies

23rd March 2015

New research into peanut sensitivity in children could pave way for other allergies.

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Roasted peanuts worse for allergies

22nd September 2014

Research suggests roasted peanuts are more likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

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Are you allergic to your mobile?

21st May 2014

Scientists warn you could be allergic to the metal in your phone if you have ever noticed itching or redness near your cheekbone, jaw or hands.

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Cat allergy cure on the horizon

29th July 2013

Scientists say they are closer to a cure for people who are allergic to cats.

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Could acupuncture relieve allergies?

19th February 2013

A German study suggests acupuncture could relieve seasonal allergies.

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Tick bite can cause meat allergy

26th July 2012

There have been 3 cases of the reaction identified in the US.

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Allergy or cold?

14th May 2012

Expert outlines differences between a seasonal allergy and a cold.

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Foods to avoid if you have gluten or wheat allergies

29th February 2012

The top five foods to avoid if you suffer from gluten intolerance or wheat allergies.

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