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Monday 28th May 2018

ENT Articles


Soaring hospital waits blamed on scrapping of GP service

13th February 2013

45 week wait for ENT has been blamed on the scrapping of a GP Service in east Belfast.

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One in three suffer catarrh

11th October 2011

Red-hot laser could clear frog in your throat.

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Larynx transplant means woman can talk again

21st January 2011

A woman is able to speak for the first time in 11 years after having a pioneering voicebox transplant in the US.

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EU noise limits for MP3 players

15th December 2009

The EU is calling for a maximum volume to be set on MP3 players.

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Technique to pinpoint tinnitus

6th October 2009

According to US doctors it is possible to pinpoint an area in the brain activated when somebody suffers from tinnitus.

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More hearing specialists needed

7th February 2008

Call for increase in hearing specialists from Royal College of Physicians.

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Hearing aids wait 'too long'

3rd January 2008

The RNID says some people are waiting nearly two-and-a-half years for a hearing aid.

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'Hearing damage' after night out

2nd July 2007

Research suggests nine in 10 youngsters have signs of hearing damage after night out.

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Next generation ear implants

11th June 2007

US scientists have unveiled a new device to help the profoundly deaf.

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Sound asleep

17th March 2006

Institute in USA develops cure for snoring.

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