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Thursday 24th May 2018

Dogs Articles


Dogs used to detect prostate cancer

10th August 2015

First ever UK trials using dogs to detect prostate cancer is given the go ahead.

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Pets to be tested for Mers

27th May 2014

Cats, dogs and rats are to be tested for the Mers infection.

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Your scent may affect dog's brain

8th April 2014

Research suggests your scent may affect your dog's brain and could improve selection and training of service dogs.

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Quarter of Britain's dogs suffer depression

20th August 2013

A new study has found one in four dogs suffer depression due to stress of being left alone while owners work.

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Dementia dogs start work

15th July 2013

Dementia dogs have been trained to remind dementia sufferers to take their medication and help them get out and about.

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Dogs boost babies' immunity

10th July 2012

Babies who have limited contact with dogs suffer fewer health problems in the first year of life.

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