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Thursday 19th January 2017

Genes Articles


Schizophrenia research uncovers 80 new genes

22nd July 2014

Research in Nature suggests 80 previously unknown genes uncovered which may put people at risk of schizophrenia.

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Research says same genes drive reading and maths ability

9th July 2014

Research suggests around half of genes that influence a child's aptitude for reading also drives maths ability too.

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UK scientists manipulate DNA to regenerate living organ

8th April 2014

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have regenerated an elderly organ in a living animal for the first time.

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Myopia genes found

12th February 2013

New genes found that cause refractive errors and myopia.

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Face shape genes identified

18th September 2012

Five genes identified that determine human facial shape.

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Researchers hail gene breakthrough

13th December 2011

Scientists discover it may be possible to programme stem cells to become pancreatic cells.

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Rheumatoid arthritis drug could help asthma patients

9th September 2011

Genes found which may make people predisposed to asthma.

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Environment may play key role in autism

5th July 2011

New analysis suggests the environment may be more important then genes in development of autism.

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Researchers find coffee-drinking genes

12th April 2011

Scientists discover two genes linked to the amount of coffee you drink.

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Five new gene clues to Parkinson's found

2nd February 2011

Study finds genes play a bigger role in Parkinson's than first thought.

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