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Friday 20th April 2018

Ageing Articles


Heavy drinking and smoking leads to premature ageing

16th November 2017

Research suggests heavy drinkers and smokers are more likely to show visible signs of ageing and look older than their years.

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Raising awareness of an ageing workforce

3rd March 2016

Case study shows how Dartford and Gravesham have begun raising awareness of an ageing workforce through profiling.

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Study finds some people age faster than others

7th July 2015

A new study has found some people age three times faster than other people of the same age.

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Smell test could predict 'lifespan'

2nd October 2014

A study suggests testing people's sense of smell in later life could help predict the likelihood of them still being alive in five years.

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Learning two languages slows ageing of brain

2nd June 2014

Contrary to previous studies, being bilingual can improve the cognitive signs of ageing.

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Ageing population could 'bankrupt' the NHS

18th October 2013

A peer warns the NHS will not be able to cope with Britain's ageing population.

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Loss of deep sleep affects memory

29th January 2013

The part of the brain that facilitates deep sleep shrinks as people age, making it harder for them to store new information.

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Signs that show higher heart risk

7th November 2012

Researchers found four signs of ageing that could higher heart disease risk.

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World ill-prepared for ageing

2nd October 2012

A report warns governments need to put more policies into place to address the global ageing of populations.

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Mid-life fitness could delay chronic disease

28th August 2012

Getting or staying fit at 50 can cut a person's chances of chronic disease at 65 and over.

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