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Thursday 24th May 2018

Sunburn Articles


Six steps reduce pain from sunburn

20th April 2015

Advice on sunburn as heat waves sweep Britain.

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Hours after exposure sunlight continues to damage skin

20th February 2015

A study finds sunlight continues to damage skin hours after leaving the beach.

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Rise in A&E visits due to heatwave

17th July 2013

A&E departments overstretched due to the number of people suffering sunstroke, sunburn and heatwave-related injuries.

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Children unaware of what causes cancer

7th September 2012

A poll by Macmillan Cancer Support found 97% of children aged between nine and 16 did not know sunburn can cause cancer.

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Suncream made from strawberries protects against sunburn

8th August 2012

Scientists have found that anthocyanin, which gives strawberries their red colour, could protect you from harmful UV rays.

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Which are the best suncreams?

29th May 2012

Guide on the perfect suncream to suit you.

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Many still tanning despite dangers

28th May 2012

A US survey finds many young adults still do not understand the dangers of sun exposure.

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Women not using suncream

30th April 2012

Charity warns not enough women are using suncream.

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Sunburn risk for children at school

15th July 2011

Sun safety policies needed at schools.

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Sun care policy for schools

15th July 2011

The policy for school sun care 'must change'.

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