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Friday 25th May 2018

Coronavirus Articles


Camels could be source of Mers coronavirus

9th August 2013

Research suggests dromedary camels could be responsible for passing on Mers coronavirus.

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Information sharing urged by WHO over coronavirus

24th May 2013

Countries are being urged by the World Health Organisation to share information on novel coronavirus.

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Coronavirus kills Tunisian man

22nd May 2013

A man has died of the new coronavirus in Tunisia.

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Coronavirus may be passed person to person

13th May 2013

WHO says new coronavirus could pass between people in close contact.

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New SARS-like virus identified in France

9th May 2013

New strain of coronavirus has been reported in France.

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Sars-like death in the UK

20th February 2013

Coronavirus death confirmed in the UK.

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Another case of coronavirus identified in UK

12th February 2013

Second case of 'Sars-like' virus identified by HPA in UK.

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Another coronavirus death reported

3rd December 2012

According to WHO another person has died from coronavirus.

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Coronavirus, similar to Sars, has killed another person

26th November 2012

WHO confirm another death from coronavirus which is similar to the Sars virus.

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Bats could be source of Sars-like virus

20th November 2012

Experts say new coronavirus may be 'bat bug'.

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