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Tuesday 26th September 2017

Blood Test Articles


Blood test could help target prostate cancer treatment

4th May 2017

Blood test developed that could help target treatment for advanced prostate cancer.

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Blood tests to spot ovarian cancer

28th February 2017

Doctors say a blood test every four months could help detect ovarian cancer early.

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Cheap blood test for risk of heart attack

20th December 2016

A cheap blood test can predict whether healthy patients are at high risk of heart attack.

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Blood test developed for depression

7th June 2016

UK scientists have developed a blood test to help pick up depression.

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Patients face test for hepatitis

24th February 2016

More than 8,000 patients face blood tests after healthcare worker diagnosed with hepatitis C.

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Blood test to spot heart conditions

19th February 2016

The British Heart Foundation says a new blood test could help diagnose inherited heart conditions.

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Annual blood test could cut ovarian cancer deaths

18th December 2015

Ovarian cancer deaths could be cut by a fifth with an annual blood test say doctors.

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New test to predict arthritis 16 years before disease takes hold

15th December 2015

Scientists develop blood test that can predict chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis.

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Early warning sign identified for kidney disease

6th November 2015

Researchers say a blood test can predict risk of chronic kidney disease.

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A&E visits cut with new heart attack test

8th October 2015

Doctors say a blood test can more than halve people admitted to A&E.

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