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Monday 19th August 2019

Cold Articles


What's the difference between a cold and a sinus infection?

27th July 2015

The difference between the common cold and an infected sinus.

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Keep cold, stay slim

9th January 2015

Scientists say exposing yourself to cold temperatures on a regular basis could help keep you slim.

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What is the best way to avoid a cold?

18th November 2014

Top tips on how to avoid a cold this winter.

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40% rise in antibiotics use for colds

5th August 2014

A study has found the proportion of patients given antibiotics for colds has risen 40% this century despite efforts to cut use.

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How to soothe dry skin

12th November 2013

When you have a cold it can also affect your skin.

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Cold weather health alert issued

19th February 2013

A spell of prolonged severe cold weather is expected which could give rise to 'significant health risks'.

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Level 2 cold weather alert issued

28th November 2012

The Met Office has forecast 60% chance of temperature drop in next few days which equates to a Level 2 Alert.

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Cold homes costs NHS '£1.36bn'

22nd November 2012

Report by Age UK shows cold homes cost the NHS in England £1.36bn every year.

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NHS preparing for winter

5th November 2012

DH campaign to prepare the NHS for winter.

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