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Sunday 15th September 2019

Heart Articles


Marriage is good for your health

7th June 2017

Researchers say being married boosts your survival chances if you have a major heart risk factor.

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Chocolate may lower risk of atrial fibrillation

25th May 2017

Research suggests regular chocolate consumption may lower risk of developing the heart rhythm irregularity atrial fibrillation.

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Hospitals told to stop heart surgery

8th July 2016

Concerns raised over standards at three hospitals across England that provide complex heart care.

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Heart transplant boy given second chance

25th May 2016

Two-year-old receives heart transplant after 14-month wait.

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Heavy drinking puts a strain on the heart

11th November 2015

New study suggests heavy drinking increases risk of heart failure.

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A foam heart could replace your own

2nd October 2015

Researchers have built an artificial pumping heart.

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Heart device recalled

7th August 2015

Medtronic has recalled heart device after reports of presence of particulates.

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Heart patient has double operation

22nd May 2015

In a UK first, heart patient has two operations at the same time.

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Red wine could help with diabetes

8th May 2015

Study suggests a glass of red wine a night could help people with diabetes protect their heart.

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Shorter people at higher risk of heart problems

9th April 2015

A study suggests the shorter you are the great risk to your heart.

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