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Friday 23rd August 2019

Heart Articles


DIY test for irregular pulse

6th November 2012

A simple DIY test to detect irregular heart beat condtion.

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Lack of sleep as teen can increase risk of heart disease

8th October 2012

Teenagers who don't get enough sleep are more likely to suffer heart problems later on in life.

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The benefits of beta blockers

4th October 2012

A study questions the benefits of beta blockers for heart conditions.

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Omega-3 may not be beneficial for heart health

12th September 2012

New evidence questions omega-3 supplements and the benefits for heart health.

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Non-alcoholic wine lowers blood pressure

10th September 2012

New study shows non-alcoholic red wine may be more effective at lowering blood pressure in men.

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Heart health checks for over 40s not being taken up

15th August 2012

Figures suggest that only 14% of those eligible are taking the health MOTs they are entitled to.

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Elderly are missing out on basic heart care

25th July 2012

A study found that a quarter of 87 to 89-year-olds have an undiagnosed heart problem.

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Heart patients make medication errors

5th July 2012

A new study suggests half of all heart patients made at least one medication mistake after leaving hospital.

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Research 'Red Tape' Causing Life-Threatening Delay In Medical Breakthroughs

2nd July 2012

A damning report from the British Heart Foundation (BHF) has revealed how UK red tape is strangling medical research that could save lives and is calling on the NHS to open up its data.

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Heart services face closure

18th May 2012

Heart services face being closed or merged with others because they are too small.

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