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Wednesday 17th July 2019

Paperless Articles


New drive for a paperless NHS

8th February 2016

The government has launched latest attempt to create a paperless NHS service in England.

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More than half of surgeons unaware of paperless plans

15th October 2014

A new survey shows 57% of UK surgeons are unaware of paperless plans for the NHS.

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What's stopping NHS going paperless?

16th January 2014

HSJ survey suggests senior managers' lack of knowledge is hindering progress towards a paperless NHS.

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Paperless NHS in Greater Manchester

8th November 2013

Seven out of 10 acute trusts have stopped using paper.

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DH criticised over handling of NPfIT

19th September 2013

The public accounts committee has criticised the DH and doubts its ability to deliver a paperless NHS by 2018.

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Intellect urges NHS to learn from private sector

15th April 2013

The NHS should learn from the private sector to meet 'paperless' challenge.

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Paperless NHS by 2018 could be a struggle

28th January 2013

NHS IT experts believe a paperless NHS by 2018 could be a struggle to achieve.

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Hunt challenges NHS to be paperless by 2018

16th January 2013

Jeremy Hunt say NHS should go paperless by 2018 to save billions.

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Paperless NHS by 2015

19th December 2012

A paperless NHS will mean no more referral letters or lost records, says Tim Kelsey.

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Birmingham outpatients goes paperless

14th November 2012

Outpatients at Birmingham goes almost entirely paperless with introduction of a clinical portal.

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