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Monday 25th September 2017

Smartphone Articles


Medical advice app trialled

10th January 2017

Smartphone app which triages patients based on symptoms is being trialled in London.

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Phones should have a 'bed mode'

16th November 2015

Leading doctor suggests smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have a 'bedtime mode' to protect sleep.

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Get an optician in your pocket

29th May 2015

Trials on smartphone app suggests pocket optician is as good as eye charts.

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Smartphone used to scan blood

7th May 2015

Smartphone has been used to detect parasites in blood samples.

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Smartphones are making you ill

14th April 2015

Study finds health risks caused by your mobile.

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People risk blindness during solar eclipse

18th March 2015

Eye experts are warning people against taking selfies of the eclipse on Friday.

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Screen time disrupts teenagers sleep

3rd February 2015

Study reveals the longer a teenager spends on electronic devices the worse their sleep will be.

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Kitemark plan for health apps

13th November 2014

Plans to give health-related smartphone apps a 'kitemark' to validate apps deemed safe for patients to use.

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Blood app developed

6th August 2014

A team has developed a blood diagnosis app that can analyse blood cells via a smartphone.

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Mobile apps to help aid recovery for alcoholics

30th July 2014

Researchers suggest a mobile app could help recovering alcoholics stay sober by providing continuous support.

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