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Monday 21st May 2018

Smartphone Articles


Patient app to be trialled

8th November 2017

NHS England picks two private digital services to pilot new NHS patient app that provides access to health records.

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Smartphone GP appointments pilot scheme launched

6th November 2017

A 24-hour pilot scheme launched for NHS patients in west London offering GP consultations via smartphones.

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Medical advice app trialled

10th January 2017

Smartphone app which triages patients based on symptoms is being trialled in London.

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Phones should have a 'bed mode'

16th November 2015

Leading doctor suggests smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have a 'bedtime mode' to protect sleep.

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Get an optician in your pocket

29th May 2015

Trials on smartphone app suggests pocket optician is as good as eye charts.

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Smartphone used to scan blood

7th May 2015

Smartphone has been used to detect parasites in blood samples.

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Smartphones are making you ill

14th April 2015

Study finds health risks caused by your mobile.

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People risk blindness during solar eclipse

18th March 2015

Eye experts are warning people against taking selfies of the eclipse on Friday.

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Screen time disrupts teenagers sleep

3rd February 2015

Study reveals the longer a teenager spends on electronic devices the worse their sleep will be.

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Kitemark plan for health apps

13th November 2014

Plans to give health-related smartphone apps a 'kitemark' to validate apps deemed safe for patients to use.

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