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Sunday 21st July 2019

British Heart Foundation Articles


Psychological support waning for heart patients despite nearly half experiencing mental health issues

4th September 2014

BHF calls for urgent improvements to care bridging physical and mental conditions.

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Okay given for CPR heart advert

11th April 2012

Complaints over Vinnie Jones advert overruled by watchdog.

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Concentrate on chest compressions

4th January 2012

The British Heart Foundation is urging people to forget mouth-to-mouth when performing CPR.

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Chocolate may be good for brain and heart

30th August 2011

A study on the BMJ website states that the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke could be reduced by eating high levels of chocolate.

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Life-saving skills should be taught in schools

16th May 2011

BHF calls on the government to teach CPR to school children.

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New research to find cure for heart disease

1st February 2011

Programme will find out if self-healing properties of zebrafish could help humans with heart problems.

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UK new 3/12/10

3rd December 2010

A round up of UK health news over the past week.

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Women unaware of heart attack symptoms

30th November 2010

More than 4,000 women were surveyed as part of a BHF poll.

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BHF live chat session

24th November 2010

The British Heart Foundation is to answer questions in live chat.

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Under 50s face stress risk

6th May 2010

A study has found women under 50 face stress at work which increases risk of heart disease.

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