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Monday 16th September 2019

Children Articles


Mental health support service launched for children

21st April 2016

Figures suggest at least three children in every UK classroom are suffering from a mental health issue.

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Rotting teeth costing millions a year

15th April 2016

Excessive consumption of fizzy drinks one of the main reasons children have teeth removed costing hospitals £35m a year.

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Children should be encouraged to drink water

11th April 2016

The Local Government Association says children should be encouraged to ditch the fizzy pop and drink more water.

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New test for child cancer

31st March 2016

New genetic test for child cancer patients being developed by UK scientists.

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Children on adult mental health wards

17th February 2016

Hundreds of mentally ill children being treated on adult wards.

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Child gender identity referrals rise

12th February 2016

Figures show a huge rise in children being referred with gender identity issues.

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Guide to sepsis after NHS fail to spot illness

27th January 2016

Sepsis affects around 10,000 children every year in the UK.

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Unconscious infants should be placed in the recovery position

26th January 2016

Doctors are reminding the public about placing unconscious children in the recovery position following European study.

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Heading a football could be a health hazard

11th November 2015

US Soccer Federation has announced has banned headers for under-11s in new guidelines.

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Dogs could help children avoid asthma

3rd November 2015

Study finds young children who have a pet dog are less likely to develop asthma.

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