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Monday 22nd July 2019

Mrsa Articles


Trust criticised over MRSA outbreak

5th April 2016

Trust has been criticised for slow response in handling MRSA outbreak.

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Medieval eye treatment could kill MRSA

31st March 2015

Experts say a 1,000 year-old treatment could hold key to killing superbugs.

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Antibiotic approved for skin infections

29th May 2014

The FDA has approved an antibiotic to treat MRSA and other deadly skin infections.

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Pets harbour MRSA

22nd May 2014

Research suggests pets can harbour MRSA but pet owners shouldn't worry as there is little risk of getting ill from them.

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MRSA taking up residence in people's homes

23rd April 2014

A new US study finds MRSA is now in people's homes.

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Can nanosponge help beat MRSA?

2nd December 2013

Research has shown nanosponge could help defeat the antibiotic-resistant superbug.

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MRSA found in chicken and turkeys in the UK

27th November 2013

The Department of Health says MRSA has been found in poultry destined for shops in the UK.

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Hospital infection deaths fall

23rd August 2013

Figures for England and Wales show a drop in MRSA and C diff deaths.

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DNA used to stop MRSA outbreak

14th November 2012

UK doctors stop an outbreak of superbug MRSA after they crack the bacterium's genetic code.

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Is vitamin B3 the new weapon against superbugs?

28th August 2012

Researchers suggest vitamin B3 'helps kill superbugs'.

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