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Tuesday 16th July 2019

Royal Cornwall Articles


Royal Cornwall's chief resigns

2nd October 2015

Interim chief executive at Royal Cornwall has stepped down because of 'personal reasons'.

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'Black alert' at NHS hospital trust

18th February 2015

Pressures on services at Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust sees trust issue a 'black alert'.

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Hospital at Night used in Cornwall hospital

18th October 2013

Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust improves management at night by deploying Hospital at Night from IMS Maxims.

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Top consultant quits Royal Cornwall board

5th August 2013

Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust's medical director has quit governing board.

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Concerns raised at Royal Cornwall

8th March 2013

A report finds Royal Cornwall failed to respond adequately to concerns raised about a potentially unsafe doctor.

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Memorandum on the provision of the out-of-hours GP service in Cornwall

8th March 2013

This report has been prepared under Section 6 of the National Audit Act 1983 for presentation to the House of Commons in accordance with Section 9 of the Act.

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