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Sunday 20th May 2018

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Don't use mental health apps

13th October 2015

Experts argue there is no proof that 85% of depression apps actually work and should be removed from NHS library.

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Apps development standards published by BSI

14th May 2015

BSI has published set of standards to support developers creating health apps.

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Call for CE mark for medical apps

29th April 2015

New guidance says doctors should only use medical apps with an official CE mark.

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Fitness apps could be harmful

15th April 2015

Leading GP suggests fitness apps don't improve health.

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BSI to publish guidelines on healthcare apps

6th March 2015

The British Standards Institution is to publish standards on development of healthcare apps.

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ChatHealth wins innovation prize

25th February 2015

ChatHealth, an SMS helpline to support teenagers who self-harm, win a share of £650,000 of innovation prizes.

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Kitemark plan for health apps

13th November 2014

Plans to give health-related smartphone apps a 'kitemark' to validate apps deemed safe for patients to use.

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Stress test for smartphones

7th July 2014

Researchers say a stress test app could soon be coming for smartphones to add to the collection of health apps already available.

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Mobile health for Europe

2nd May 2014

The European Commission has said healthcare systems in Europe will have to receive data via mobile apps from patients.

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Anxiety attack apps

30th April 2014

Apps have been developed to deal with anxiety disorders which could see an increase in self-medication.

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