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Saturday 21st September 2019

Tooth Decay Articles


Thousands of young children needing teeth extractions

21st March 2017

Figures show baby teeth removals are up 24% in a decade, with surgeons blaming tooth decay linked to sugary diets.

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High sport drink use a risk to teenage health

27th June 2016

Dental experts warn high numbers of teenagers are risking tooth decay and obesity.

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Liquorice could hold key to conquering tooth decay

22nd May 2015

Scientists say liquorice contains natural plant chemicals that kill mouth bacteria.

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Tooth decay suffered by billions

5th March 2015

A study finds more than 2.4bn people across the globe have untreated tooth decay.

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Schools should check children's teeth

22nd October 2014

NICE says schools and nurseries should check children are brushing their teeth.

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12% of three-year-olds have tooth decay

30th September 2014

Public Health England researchers say more than one in 10 three-year-olds have tooth decay, in the first survey of this age group.

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Children's teeth not being looked after

14th July 2014

A dental health charity has said some parents were not paying enough attention to their child's teeth.

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Tooth decay in children is too high

19th March 2013

Despite latest figures showing a decline dental health experts say tooth decay in children is still too high.

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