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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Abuse Articles


One-in-10 nurses physically abused

8th February 2016

According to a new survey one-in-10 nurses have been physically abused by a patient.

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New Hampshire stopped from accepting new patients

2nd October 2014

No new patients allowed in New Hampshire hospital following report accusing it of abuse and neglect.

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Charges over elderly abuse claims

17th September 2012

Three healthcare workers at Whipps Cross Hospital have been charged with abusing elderly patients.

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Potential for more care home scandals

7th August 2012

Campaigners warn that action must be taken so that more scandals do not happen.

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60% of nurses on home visits assaulted

11th May 2012

Figures show 60% of nurses visiting patients at home had been verbally assaulted.

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Charities warn disabled people increasingly subjected to abuse

8th February 2012

Charities warn disabled people are increasingly being subjected to abuse as a result of government’s focus on alleged fraud and overclaiming to justify benfits cuts.

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Abuse admitted by dementia relatives

23rd January 2009

More than half who look after a relative with dementia told researchers they had mistreated them.

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Elder abuse 'errors' fear

29th August 2007

A survey suggests nurses fear of misinterpreting cases of elder abuse stop them from reporting it.

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'Enough is Enough' campaign launched

7th February 2007

A survey shows that more than a third of people had not heard of elder abuse.

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Fine-a-yob scheme a success

6th February 2007

Three-month pilot to curb patients who abuse hospital staff will be extended indefinitely.

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