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Monday 19th August 2019

Virus Articles


Viruses are more dangerous in the morning

16th August 2016

Research suggests viruses are more dangerous when they infect victims in the morning.

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Texas baby dies from Zika related illness

10th August 2016

Health officials say a baby in the US has died from complications caused by the Zika virus.

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Funding for fight against the Zika virus

23rd May 2016

Deal reached to fund Zika fight.

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Emergency meeting to discuss Zika virus called

1st February 2016

The World Health Organisation is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the spread of the Zika virus.

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Cold sore virus shows promise in treating skin cancer

27th May 2015

Researchers say a modified herpes virus can help fight cancer.

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Blood test to cut antibiotics

19th March 2015

New blood test could help doctors see whether infection is bacterial or a virus.

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Common cold happier in cold noses

6th January 2015

US researchers suggest the common cold virus 'prefers cold noses'.

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Ebola cash pledged

11th September 2014

The Gates Foundation has pledged money to help the emergency response to the Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

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Step towards curing HIV

22nd July 2014

Scientists say they have taken an 'exciting' step forward towards curing HIV by flushing out the virus.

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Outbreak of Ebola in Guinea

24th March 2014

The UN warns the deadly Ebola virus has reached Guinea capital.

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