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Thursday 30th March 2017

Nhs England Articles


CCG pay rises to be investigated

24th March 2017

NHS England to investigate pay increases awarded to board members at Liverpool CCG.

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Cap on new drugs

15th March 2017

NHS in England to introduce new £20m a year cap on cost of new drugs in an attempt to save money.

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Bed closure restrictions revealed

3rd March 2017

Simon Stevens to set out new requirements for closure of beds in the NHS.

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NHS England order trusts and CCGs to change their logos

28th February 2017

NHS England have been condemned by trust managers for ordering them to change logos on signs and websites.

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Help for struggling surgeries

21st February 2017

New service to help struggling GP surgeries by providing expert advice and guidance.

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Live stream of NHS England's Board meeting

9th February 2017

Watch the live stream of NHS England's Board meeting on Thursday, 9 February 2017 at 10.45 am.

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Overseas patients to be charged upfront

6th February 2017

NHS hospitals could refuse foreign patients operations unless their costs are covered in advance.

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Simon Stevens criticised for 'silence' over reconfiguration deadlock

30th January 2017

Simon Stevens accused of being 'silent and detached' over reconfiguration row in Shropshire.

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CCGs to share executive team

10th January 2017

CCGs have announced make-up of their shared executive team.

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Record numbers of patients facing long waits in A&E

10th January 2017

Documents, leaked to the BBC, show the full extent of the winter crisis in the NHS.

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