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Saturday 23rd September 2017

Snoring Articles


Toddler snoring linked to behaviour problems

14th August 2012

Toddlers who snore are more likely to have problems such as hyperactivity, depression and attention issues.

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Heavy snorers face rise of rheumatoid arthritis

28th June 2012

A new study shows snoring heavily can double the risk of developing rheumatiod arthritis.

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Snoring children more likely to misbehave

5th March 2012

A study has found toddlers that snore are more likely to develop into unruly children.

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Nasal surgery fails most

29th July 2011

A survey suggests nose operation to relieve snoring and sleep problems does not always work.

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Urine test for dangerous snoring

12th January 2010

Researchers say a urine test can distinguish between dangerous and safe snoring.

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OTC snoring 'cures' failing many

27th May 2009

A survey shows nearly three-quarters of people who try over-the-counter snoring 'cures' find they do not work.

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Surgery helps sleep apnoea

28th April 2008

Researchers in Taiwan say nasal surgery helps ease symptoms of sleep apnoea.

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BP raised by night noise

13th February 2008

Study finds blood pressure can raise due to sounds of airplanes, traffic and even snoring.

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Get tongue-tied to cure snores

3rd July 2007

Surgeons suggest tongue-tying may be answer to snoring and sleep apnoea.

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The true cost of snoring

9th March 2007

A survey suggests your partner's snoring could cost you about two hours sleep per night.

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