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Sunday 27th May 2018

Internet Articles


Be wary of buying medications online

3rd March 2017

The CQC warn people to be wary when buying medications on the internet.

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Senior citizens in England want online health

26th February 2014

A new survey has found senior citizens want to use the internet to interact with the NHS.

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DIY abortion danger

11th February 2013

Concern that women in Northern Ireland are buying abortion pills over the internet.

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Blind skateboarder takes web by storm

4th February 2013

Video of blind student skateboarding near his Chicago home has inspired thousands globally.

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Suicide searches should be blocked

8th November 2012

MP calls on internet providers to block searches for suicide.

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'Doctor by broadband' worries raised

31st August 2012

Warning that patients could be put at risk by using internet-based equipment to manage their conditions at home.

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Warning issued over fake thermometers

18th June 2012

Parents have been warned about dangerous thermometers being sold on the internet.

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Internet addiction 'brain changes'

12th January 2012

It has been reported that internet addicts show same brain changes as someone addicted to alcohol or cocaine.

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The internet is changing our memory

19th July 2011

Research suggests the internet may be making us remember fewer facts but more information about where to look for them.

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NHS needs to use high speed networks

11th November 2010

A question time session at eHealth Insider Live 2010 agreed that the N3 network is stifling innovation.

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