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Wednesday 23rd May 2018

Open Source Articles


Pioneering open source patient records project developed

17th February 2015

Three trusts combine to develop an open source patient records system.

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£20m target for open source systems

17th June 2014

NHS England has £20m target for open source systems in round two of its technology fund.

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Code4Health to run along with open source programme

1st April 2014

Code4Health was first announced in 2012.

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Moorfields Eye Hospital develop open source EPR

26th March 2014

An open source EPR to be deployed across 40 sites in developing Commonwealth countries.

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NHS England reveal open source plans

3rd March 2014

NHS England reveal plans for an open source option for trusts looking to invest in electronic patient record systems.

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Open source offer for NHS England

5th December 2013

NHS Healthcare Information System to include e-prescribing, requests and results reporting and an A&E admissions system.

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Open source software created by pathologist

9th August 2013

A pathologist has created open source, web-based pathology reporting software after becoming frustrated with existing IT in the NHS.

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Open source wanted by NHS England

28th June 2013

NHS England want open source option for NHS trusts.

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