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Sunday 11th December 2016

UK Articles


Sugar tax to be implemented in UK

6th December 2016

UK government has published draft legislation for a sugar tax.

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First sexually transmitted Zika virus in UK

30th November 2016

Authorities in the UK have reported the first likely case of sexually transmitted Zika.

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Stroke patients missing out on treatment

29th November 2016

UK experts say around 9,000 stroke patients a year are missing out on treatment following a stroke.

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Global infection response team formed in UK

1st November 2016

A specialist team of experts has been created who can be deployed anywhere in the world if disease outbreak strikes.

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Councils failing to pay fair price for care

25th October 2016

Industry says nine out of 10 councils in the UK not paying a fair price to support older and disabled people in their own homes.

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Zika mosquito eggs found in UK

20th October 2016

Asian tiger mosquito eggs have been discovered in Stanford near Folkestone.

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Clarity wanted over future of EU staff

19th October 2016

Specialist hospitals call for the government to clarify rights of EU nationals working in health and social care in the UK.

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September heatwave to hit the UK

13th September 2016

Health warnings are issued ahead of what could be the hottest September day in the UK.

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One in three female students have mental health problems

11th August 2016

According to a survey more than a third of female students in the UK has a mental health problem.

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Poverty costing UK £78bn a year

1st August 2016

Report says poverty in the UK costs average tax payer £1,200 a year.

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