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Saturday 21st September 2019

Abortion Articles


Brazlian committee votes to ban abortions

9th November 2017

A Congressional committee has voted to ban abortion in Brazil in all situations.

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One in four women failed by contraceptive

7th July 2017

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service says one in four women who had an abortion in 2016 were using contraceptives.

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Concerns raised over England's main abortion provider

21st December 2016

Serious concerns raised about patient safety at Marie Stopes International.

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Main abortion provider suspends services

22nd August 2016

Following an inspection, Marie Stopes has suspended terminations under general anaesthetic.

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One in four pregnancies end in termination

12th May 2016

Global estimates suggest 25% of pregnancies are terminated.

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Abortion provider fined for data breach

7th March 2014

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service has been fined £200,000 for a data breach in which a hacker accessed 10,000 people's details.

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New abortion law in Ireland

31st July 2013

New law will see abortions under limited circumstances allowed in Republic of Ireland.

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Abortion rate lowest its been for 16 years

12th July 2013

Statistics show abortion rate in England and Wales is lowest its been in 16 years.

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Irish cabinet to decide on abortion bill

30th April 2013

The Irish cabinet is to decide on controversial abortion bill later.

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NI abortion guidelines challenged

27th February 2013

Department of Health to be ordered by the High Court in Belfast to publish abortion guidelines.

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