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Tuesday 22nd May 2018

Social Media Articles


GPs should be careful on 'closed' social media groups

5th September 2017

The Medical Defence Union has warned GPs and other doctors to be careful when making indiscreet positing on so called 'closed' social media groups.

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Children overusing social media

7th August 2017

Children's commissioner says parents need to intervene to stop children consuming time online 'like junk food'.

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Social media to be monitored by CQC

15th February 2016

The CQC to use comments on social media to learn of possible NHS failings.

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Social media harming mental health of teenagers

17th September 2015

A study finds teenagers who engage with social media during the night could be damaging their sleep and increasing their risk of anxiety and depression.

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Get involved: #timetotalk

6th February 2015

Can social media help people talk about mental health?

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Guide for using social media

26th November 2014

For those new to the NHS an easy-to-ready guide has been published on using social media in your job.

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Social media log-in for blood donors

25th November 2014

In a bid to encourage people to donate blood, NHS Blood and Transplant has enabled users to log-on using their social media credentials.

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Children still targeted by sugary drink marketers

19th November 2014

Even though fewer ads are now being seen children and teens are still the prime target for marketers through product placement and social media.

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Social media dos and don'ts

5th November 2014

Dr Ranj spoke at EHI Live 2014 and listed some dos and don'ts for using social media.

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How cyberbullying affects young people

14th October 2014

According to estimates from the NSPCC, around 38% of young people have experienced cyberbullying.

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