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Monday 21st May 2018

Britain Articles


English language checks for EU nurses

19th January 2016

New rules mean nurses and midwives coming to Britain from EU will need to prove they are fluent in English.

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Six steps reduce pain from sunburn

20th April 2015

Advice on sunburn as heat waves sweep Britain.

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Young adults binge-drinking continues to fall

16th February 2015

Official figures show binge-drinking in young is continuing to fall in Britain.

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Two Ebola volunteers flown to Britain

16th January 2015

Two volunteers with potential exposure to Ebola are being flown to Britain for precautionary monitoring.

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How can you tell if you have ME?

14th January 2015

ME is a recognised illness which affects around 250,000 in Britain.

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Obese Britons don't believe they have a problem

14th November 2014

Research finds some Britons would not describe themselves as obese.

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Is Ebola already in Britain?

10th October 2014

Question raised after man dies from suspected Ebola in Macedonia.

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European doctor numbers rise in UK

9th October 2014

The GMC says more doctors than ever are coming to Britain from Europe.

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Leprosy still present in Britain

30th June 2014

Doctors urged to look out for signs of leprosy.

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Research finds almost half of Brits feel 'stressed'

5th November 2013

A mass study by Bupa finds almost half of Britons consider themselves to be 'stressed'.

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